About AirTool Social

Hi, My name is Lukasz Czapla and I am the founder of LukeAirTool. Originally I created this app just for my own use. I wanted to add some extra features to my flight simulator experience. After someone noticing AirTool on facebook, they asked if I could release it to the public. So I did on Sep 20th 2020.

Overnight I received 1,000 downloads and that gave me the motivation to expand this app. Since the release I recruited a team of highly intelligent and helpful guys.

CoffeePanda is very talented and amazing coder that I am glad I got on my team. Two brains are better than one. I'm hoping that he will be working in the future with me on new upcoming projects. I would just like to add that we are doing this in our spare time. We have full time jobs. If we are taking our time adding features then please don't complain. Features will be added when they are ready.